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July 1, 2005

Fighting adulthood : A lost cause ?

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Looking at two little kids the other day blissfully playing around at a restaurant I’d gone for dinner, hiding behind chairs, crawling under tables, and dancing randomly to the music in the background, I realised that however much I’ve tried to fight time and remain a kid forever, I , like all my friends my age, have lost the battle quite miserably, and I now find myself staring in the mirror at the same ‘grown up’ that I never wanted to be. :-/

Here I am, a 22 year-old man, a good twenty years older than the kids in the restaurant, thinking that I’m still part of the hep, new, ‘next generation’ ! A quick look around me and I see that the crushes I’ve had as a kid are all currently engaged, married or very well on their way there in less than a year! The fair girl in 2nd grade I found real cute, the crush of my 7th grade, BOTH married … and well off-limits ! Oh the shame of it all !

[ I think I’d better stop that train of thought right now unless I have serious plans of ending up single again :P ]

My point, anyway, was that while I can’t seem to associate myself with words like ‘husband’ and ‘father’, so many girls we’ve grown up with have already found themselves with titles of ‘wife’ .. and as the saying goes , if winter is here, will ‘mother’ be far away ? Darn, has it really been that long since we were kids ?

It seems like just the other day that I overtook my mom in height, though she’s just a 5’1… just the other day that my dad taught me , or rather fooled me, into riding a bicycle on my own, just the other day that I was full of confidence entering my new school since my elder brother was after all one of the grown ups, what with being in the SIXTH grade and all … There are so many memories of my life in my head right now, of events and places and days gone by, that yeah, its kind of sinking in that I really Have grown up.

I’m actually in an ‘Office’ like my dad was, ‘going to work’ like my parents did , I read the newspaper every morning , follow the headlines on BBC whenever possible, I have a wallet, I have my own vehicle, my own bank acount, I shave (!) and hell, I live on my own. I understand the words ‘investments’, ‘taxes’ and ‘shares’ and have been involved in many a few conversations. I have an opinion on politics ! :((((

I think its high time I watched some Tom & Jerry , read some Tinkle , and WENT HOME. Thank god there’s at least one place in life where you’ll always be a kid, regardless of how old you actually are! :) On that happy note, which incidentally is the only happy note I could possibly think of with a whiny topic like this, I shall wind up this post and go have myself a great weekend !


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