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July 13, 2006

Mumbai – It’s time to grieve

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What can be worse than 200-odd innocent working men, women and children dying on trains on their way back from work ?

I thought this was the worst it could get … I couldn’t be more mistaken.

What can be worse, yes, is the ‘ Mumbai spirit’. Confused ? Well here’s an excerpt from a forward I got in my mail today about the invincible ‘Mumbai spirit’:

The city has simply dusted itself off and moved on – perhaps with greater vigour.We are Mumbaikers and we live like brothers in times like this. So, do not dare to threaten us with your crackers. The spirit of Mumbai is very strong and can not be harmed.

For some reason I can only imagine, the media as well as a good number of Mumbaikers seem to forget that a good number of their people have lost their lives or their loved ones to this. In their passionate cries about their strong city, the dead have been dusted off as a distant memory.

How outrightly disheartening it must be for a recently widowed mother to read , ‘ We are Mumbai! You can throw anything at us but we don’t care! ‘ .

Mumbai, have some respect for the dead. When 200 people die, don’t brush it off with your cries of ‘We’ve-seen-it-all ‘ incredible tolerance. The mumbai spirit to you might mean showing terrorists that they can’t break you. That Mumbai will go on.

But remember, that the only reason you are screaming invincibility is because you were lucky that your loved ones weren’t on that train.

Mumbai, it’s time to shed a tear. Mumbai, it’s time to grieve.

[ More on the Mumbai Spirit – Sharath’s post ]



  1. Some thing is brewing and I would like you to smell it.

    This city, this country has lost it.
    Fuck the mumbai spirit. because thats all you have.
    There’s no government to take care of us, no politician without an ulterior motive. And only empty statements which mean NOTHING at all to anyone.
    Please open your eyes people, they mean nothing.
    And you only have people with the so called “Spirit”, who are doing what they do so spititedly because no one else will.
    It’s very nice,very touching. Seriously. But wake up and smell the coffee.. that’s all you have, each other. And who knows one day that other, will soon die in some freak riot, or politically aligned battle, or hell even due to heat and rain.
    Why do we call it a country, why do we have a government who cares nothing about us. We we continue to live like this? Why?
    So we son’t have a spine? Well looks like we are succumbing to our freedom being taken away.this time by our own people.

    Everything is in chaos, there are no systems, no spines, and let me tell you, no culture. Cututred people do not behave the way our government does.
    They embarrass us with fighting like hooligans in the parliament. They cannot even read or write their own language. They can’t even stand in Non AC environments. And importantly They cannot run a state, city or country.

    We are aware that there is no rule in this city or this country or aren’t we. Soon shit willl hit the ceiling and this will become worse than you know it. And you know it. And I can see it coming. Chaos, riots, terrorism, war, Civil war disease. And much worse.
    In times of “growing economy” and 500 billionaires we are going straight into hells mouth.
    I think half the people in this city have ridiculous issues. Religion? I mean come on grow up. Nudity? give me a break. and corruption? well you learned to live with it.You gave in., you surrendered. so you have no one to blame. Its all your fault.
    The mess in this country is all your fault. Each one of us is to blame.
    We let it happen. We voted for a governement that is only busy making big bucks. As some one truly said, in India Politics is the biggest business.
    No one cares. Please Note again. NO ONE CARES.
    Anything goes wrong in this country and people appear on media expressing their empty really empty words. And best of all we can see it!
    No one cares.. Oh Lets come together and fight the terror. Its very easy to say it sitting in your homes and your swanky offices..
    Lets come together and do what? Hello? is anyone doing anything? Hello? hello..hell.. never mind.. lets return to some business. the show must go on.

    The Indian Government has money to Buy hondas, but not weapons, has money to buy cocaine and women but no benefits for its citizens.
    Lets face it, their priorities are very clear.

    Last year you had the spirit, this year you had the spirit. Touching!
    Lets see how long you can hang on to that bloody spirit. Lets see.
    Lets see how long you can tolerate the corruption, the blood and deaths of milllions in the coming years if not months. Lets see how tolerant you “ Spirit” is.

    No one will help us, ever. Not even god, And I can bet my fat arse on that.
    We have lost our independence and our spine to our own country.
    We are our own downfall. And there’s no one else to blame.
    And this is not even a country. Everyone has his or her own thoughts.
    We are pretending to be a country when we are still living in times of colonisation. Oh yes we happen to afford buying gucci and Honda Cities.
    The country, which is only interested in voting banks. Only the illiterate and vulnerable are stupid enough to vote for the nominees in our government.
    So the more there are the better.
    When the twin towers catastrophe took place. I was there. Yes scared. Very scared. And then that Mayor Guiliani, he was prancing around like a nervous wreck trying to get the city together. He did it. And so well.
    Ofcourse he had his own agenda at stake too.. He had to elected next year. Again. But he did good. And he deserved a win. Here you are my darliing, the mayorship. Kiss. Again.
    And look at us. We wail and cry at serialbomb blasts, terror in our colonies, religious conflict which in any case is stupid, and we call our tolearnt. Tolerant my Ass! If we were tolerant, none of this would happen.
    We all know nothing will happen. Nothing at all.
    We’ll recover from this disease again. Which incidentally has not gone away. Its dormant before something else comes up.Its like AIDS. Acquired Immunity Deficiancy Syndrome. And I here by declare that we all are suffereing from that syndrome. Not the technical disease but in exact translation yes.
    It will never go away. And there is no cure
    Its sickening.. Absolutely sickening to see the citizens of India give in.
    Spinelessfuckers,all of you. All of you. Including me.
    But I am angry now. Very very angry. I have seen this too long and I am sick of it. And I am surprised and appalled that very few of you are!

    Giving into a government ,playing right into the cat’s mouth, where they have taken our independence, our spirit,our culture, our fears, EVERYTHING.
    They know we will be fine the next day.
    So they turn a complete blind eye. Don’t worry, everything will be fine tomorrow. Lets make some money now.
    200 people dies day before yesterday!!!! 200! God will anyone take notice.
    No. Sorry. The number you have dialed does not exist.
    It’s like parents who turn a blind eye, when their child falls repeatedly ill.
    It’s like crying wolf. And It’s crying simply and no one listens.
    Everyone makes it their own agenda.
    Bush makes it terrorism. Lallu quickly announces money, ofcourse half of which will go straight into his various bank accounts. Manmohan singh doesn’t even have the decency to come to give the obituary speech himself but sends it across in english which 80% of the population doesn’t understand. And that too so badly written. That I didn’t l know if he was making an obituaristic or condolent statement or reading out an essay on sadness.
    Oh god I am going to haver a heart attack, how tacky and terribly sick can we be???
    .. Mulayam is worried about his vote bank. After all the muslim population in UP has to vote 6 months hence. And the maharashtra chief minister, he might as well be dead.I wish he was.
    Mahesh bhatt made some insipid statement, like he always does, went back to ordering some coffee..Anupam Kher said Oh let come together and fight it. Pray mr. kher, tell us one fight what and two fight how, would you.. please …shed some…. theatrical light?
    Amitabh Bachchan, who this city worships like Brahma, creator of the Bollywood Universe, couldn’t care less. So his so called fans who prayed for his recovery for days and months, when he was almost dying the second time in his life. didn’t get to hear an ‘R” of regret from him.

    See now this is our country. What you give, You will never ever get back.
    So for heaven’s sake stop giving so much. Or demand your right back.
    Are you all deaf, dumb and blind all together?!

    Everyone landed in mumbai to be seen, exactly like page 3 people needed to be seen visiting Amitabh bachchan. Making everyone’s life more inconvenient, with traffic jams and hoardes of body guards, which incidentally is a better job than being a copin mumbai.
    Hell it’s even a better job to make tea for a politician.
    Why the hell should I call you or BJP or congress my ruling party. What the hell have you done but allow and opening more malls. Which are again cash cows
    What? Please tell me? And correct me if I am wrong?
    Everything which happens, we make it a political issue. Do we even know what are creating issues about? And why? How does it affect you/ really? I work with muslims, christians, sikhs and hindus. Everyone is okay.
    Our government is cashing in so fast, that you upper middle class types will be below poverty line before you know it.

    And i am going to scream so loud that It will tear my own eardrums..

    Lets face it, they don’t know how to rule. They just don’t.
    Everyone is still practicing. Whatever we know the goras left behind.

    Get up now you idiots and take notice, before everything is taken away.
    Taxes will increase, Tomatoes and potatoes already cost me as much as tea in a five star.
    Someone fought for independence from the goras a century and more ago years ago.. and its time now we’ll have to do it again.
    Or we die. In a blast, or in war, or in the rains clogging some drain.
    Throw the illterate sick politicians out.. Throw the BJP and the congress out.. No one is any good. Any illterate fool is not allowed to rule period.
    Anyone who wants to make money without giving back. Kill them.
    And you the spirited citizens of mumbai and India, Either confess and say yes we are a colony, get a gora to put things right or Get a president rules’ in.
    One person, who makes the decision. Who is accountable, for anything which goes wrong. Kalam seems unlikely, he is a president because he doesn’t say or do much,, but grace occasions which are equivalent to cutting ribbons for beauty parlours.
    I hate calling this my country. I hate this city. I hate myself for being of Indian origin. And I have no where to run. No where. No one will take me in. because I am a bloody indian. My own country has given up on me.
    And I hate all of you spineless so called “spirited citizens”.
    I hate you all for killing my spirit.
    We are just no good. No good at all. But empty bodies. Which incidentally have no spirit.
    And now I am going to cry.

    Comment by lost and killed — July 15, 2006 @ 4:08 pm | Reply

  2. Funny how a few “crackers” went off and everyone suddenly realizes they are in it together. How about carrying on this so called “spirit” and using it to make sure such things never happen in the first place.

    Folks need to work on Mumbai’s indifference before praising it’s spirit. Otherwise, be prepared to get hit again.

    Comment by Anonymous — July 16, 2006 @ 1:46 am | Reply

  3. well.. you made a point but i don’t entirely agree with you..
    i feel that the mumbai-spirit response came As A Result of the shock/sadness… people inherently need some device to overcome their pain and ‘patriotism’ is one of those things which give temporary relief.

    by the way, i’m waiting for ur opinion on the splendid ban-all-blogs decision by the government. doncha just love our cute little democracy

    Comment by erw — July 18, 2006 @ 10:19 pm | Reply

  4. @anonymous – do leave ur name next time ! and yes, indifference is the right word

    @erw – I had read sharath’s post about the mumbai spirit just a few days before the blasts. Hence when I heard about the blasts, I was very keen to see when exactly the first mention of the ‘mumbai spirit’ would arise. Sure enough, the media & and the bigwigs said ‘mumbai spirit’ not even 24hrs after the tragedy.

    patriotism ofcourse , but there should have been no talk of ‘moving on’ till at least a week. forget ‘recovering’, mumbai hardly even felt the shock.

    Comment by Aswin Cletus D'Souza — July 21, 2006 @ 5:50 pm | Reply

  5. beg to differ.. mumbai has been this way and will go on to be.. since the 93 blasts.. we have cried enough.. what did we get from those blasts.. 13 years of trial for those who are clearly guilty.. the big pins hiding somewhere unknown.. we are taught.. not to look back.. always brought up with the teaching.. dont cry over spilt milk.. thats why i beg to differ

    Comment by deep — August 2, 2006 @ 7:22 am | Reply

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    Comment by Anonymous — April 26, 2007 @ 6:18 am | Reply

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