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October 25, 2006

Save yourselves !

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No, I’m not talking about global warming or rising crime rates … I mean ‘save’ yourself like you were ‘saving’ a document on your computer, or ‘saving’ your game during gameplay. Idea sound too far-fetched ?

Let me introduce you to one of the most innovative ideas on the internet today – the Yahoo Time Capsule . Click here to go straight to the page.

[ I think you need the latest Flash plugin to see all the features .. the interface is just mind-blowing. Hats off to Yahoo for re-vamping all their applications and making them so rich in interface and graphics. ]

The idea is pretty fantastic – ‘You’ right here right now on Oct 25th, 2006 are defined by how you describe yourself today, what you feel happy about now, what you are sad about, what makes you angry, what your definition of Beauty is, what your hopes are for the future, or what the things you love are.

Upload everything that describes you now – Be it thoughts in the form of text, memories in the form of images, events in the form of videos, or expression in the form of art. It’s really really great going through the Time Capsule, and learning what the hopes and dreams of people all over the world are today. There was an image of a 40 year old man, sleeping comfortably next to his 3-year old daughter. The description read ‘This is my husband and my daughter. I wish my husband good health and hope that my daughter gets everything she’s dreamed of’.

Pretty swell, huh ?

The ‘Time Capsule’ closes in another 2 weeks, so hurry up to save an ‘instance’ of yourself at this point in time. It will be stored offline and opened again in the year 2020

Far-fetched though it may seem, considering that so much can change over 14 years, I am more than willing to give a 38-year old me a glimpse into who I once was. God bless the internet!


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