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May 24, 2007

Shrek 3 : How to kill a franchise

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Grade : C

Watched Shrek the Third last night. I thought it was a great disservice to the franchise, and when you come out of the theater, you somehow really don’t feel any affection any more towards Shrek or any of the other characters. You just feel like you’ve had too much of a helping and you need to be done with it.

[ Spoiler alert – If you are going to watch the movie, stop reading here ]

Thumbs down

– Toilet humour is not funny – Babies puking/pooping is very unfunny

– Once the hero and the heroine have fallen in love (which happened in Shrek 1) , the audience loses affection for the couple. A married couple on screen is NOT fun… let alone a pregnant Fiona and baby ogres ! Seriously, who wants to see a married couple fighting about parenting issues … ever ?

– Too much silly cliched storylines – Arthur was obviously a loser in high school, who turned out to become a king. Shrek who was afraid of becoming a father was obviously going to go through things on the way that would change his mind.

– Where were the movie spoofs ? I remember the Matrix , Mission Impossible and so on were spoofed in the previous parts. Not a single spoof in this one !

– Inexplicable powers – Scene where Fiona’s mother can break walls using her head? How ? Why?

– Too much emotional drama – long dragging scenes with dialogue on expected lines.

– Donkey had most of the funny lines in 1 and 2. This time he had hardly any role to play … Grumpy Shrek ended up with most of the ‘screen time’ and I really felt no feelings of warmth towards this character. He was already King … he already had Fiona … he already had the entire city’s support … and he was pretty rude to everyone, if you ask me.

– There really was no villain in this story. Prince Charming was hardly scary .. he was goofy and egocentric , but that was it. There were ample opportunities to take all the bad guys from the spookiest of fairy tales and make a really scary bunch of ‘bad guys’ … but the opportunity was never taken, and a very lame ‘speech’ by young Arthur was enough for all of them to drop their swords !

Thumbs up

– Nice graphics, but that is expected these days

– Some parts were funny. But those times were rare.


Maybe the ‘Animated/CG movie’ phase has lost its charm for me. Or maybe there are just too many darn movies of this type that are being created. The only animated movies I’ve really liked have been Shrek 1, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. Everything else has been lack luster, and more tuned for kids than adults.

Shrek 3 was surely a disappointment for me, and I’m sure will be for most of you as well.



  1. Good one… I am not planning to watch this movie. I hated shrek 2 as much as I liked shrek 1 so I definitely think 3 would be worse.<br/><br/>Its more like an overdose of OGRES. Shrek 1 had a good story and really funny dialogs. <br/>Part 2 and 3 are total waste of effort. <br/>And its nothing exceptional about the graphics as its nothing extraordinary now a days. <br/>Waiting for movies like Finding Nemo. Shark Tale was good though and yeah watched Monster House recently its good.

    Comment by salman — May 27, 2007 @ 7:02 pm | Reply

  2. Good points :P.. yeah i agree, nobody wants to see married couples fighting, it’s cliched and irritating… you forgot about the wonderful high school scene.. nothing else screamed “omg ur soooo gonna luv this movie” louder..<br/><br/>there were good scenes though. like the dying frog. the lying pinocchio (a refreshing twist on his character, finally).<br/><br/>I also don’t like the way they take important well-established fairy-tale characters (cinderella, three pigs, the villains) and just reinvent them for their own benefit so carelessly. Riding the wave of their popularity but also demeaning them. This started in shrek 2 and is one important reason I didn’t like part 2.<br/><br/>but movie spoofs? really?? that’s what i disliked most about shrek2.. it’s easy to make a spoof (an unfunny one) and it yanks the audience away from the imaginary world of “far far away” and takes them back to the real world where they watched that other movie. that technique has the potential to be extremely funny (remember BeerFest in which the dead guy gets reborn as his twin and the intentionally lame excuses they give for getting the character back?) – in which you’re laughing with the director – but it has to be done right.<br/><br/>i wouldn’t be surprised if shrek3 doesn’t kill the franchise, cuz shrek 2 didn’t either.

    Comment by eyw — May 27, 2007 @ 8:25 pm | Reply

  3. @Sallu – It is a ‘timepass’ movie to watch, either later on in dvd or on the net somewhere.. but definitely not in the theater. Yeah, its an overdose of Ogres. <br/><br/>Who wants to see princess fiona as a fat, green frog-like creature for two whole movies ? Esp when she was a slim hot lady in part 1 ! :)<br/><br/>@Eyw – ha ha the high school scene was painful.. the dying frog was the only part i *really* laughed.. :-D all the other times were just chuckles. <br/><br/>Yeah the fairy tale characters should’ve been true to their real identities.. but i guess it wouldn’t be funny then, so i’d excuse them for that. <br/><br/>In shrek 1 the matrix 360 deg rotation on princess fiona’s martial arts scene was a great spoof.. even pinocchio doing the mission impossible scene (suspended by a rope) was great … but they didn’t take any opportunities this time.<br/><br/>I won’t be surprised if the franchise lives on either .. but it definitely killed it for me though .

    Comment by Randomizer — May 27, 2007 @ 10:11 pm | Reply

  4. ” Who wants to see princess fiona as a fat, green frog-like creature for two whole movies ? Esp when she was a slim hot lady in part 1 ! :) “

    Ha ha ha ha totally agree with you, they should have transformed her back to good looking human form else change her name from Fiona, princess Fiona doesnt suit an ogre for 2 whole movies ;)

    Comment by salman — May 27, 2007 @ 11:49 pm | Reply

  5. Haven’t watched the movie, though I’m very eager to. Once exams are over, perhaps.

    Hey I disagree about audience losing interest/affection once the hero and heroine have fallen in love. And at least in my imagination, baby ogres are damn cute. :D As for puking and pooping kids, ewww.

    No spoofs? Hmm, then it must be..well..incomplete.

    I think film-makers take the popularity of a movie too far by making sequels and at times, prequels. That spoils the essence of the whole thing. They should stop at Part II I guess. Or it just regresses instead of progressing.

    Well, thanks for the review. Maybe I’ll post another comment here once I have watched the movie.


    Comment by Ubiquitous — May 28, 2007 @ 1:55 pm | Reply

  6. “Hey I disagree about audience losing interest/affection once the hero and heroine have fallen in love.”

    – Then maybe it’s just a ‘guy thing’. The ‘flirting’ phase is always great in stories… which is why it is very common for directors of a television series to keep prolonging the ‘will they/won’t they’ moment as far as possible… take some classic examples – X-files (Mulder,Scully) ..The Offic(Pam and Jim) ..

    Even in any bollywood movie, 90% of the movie is the guy pursuing the girl. If ‘love happened’ :) in the first 5 minutes the audience would lose all interest.

    Another example – Mummy and Mummy Returns, Zorro and Zorro 2 … Maybe it’s just a guy thing, but the movies where the hero/heroine aren’t already married with kids seems a lot more appealing ..

    Enjoy the movie anyway… it has a few good laughs, for whatever its worth. :)

    Comment by Randomizer — May 28, 2007 @ 3:54 pm | Reply

  7. Now I agree with you.

    It’s a ‘guy thing’ only! :D

    Comment by Ubiquitous — May 29, 2007 @ 4:38 pm | Reply

  8. […] I said things like ‘Maybe the Animated/CG movie phase has lost its charm on me’ in my review of Shrek 3. But thankfully, my faith has been restored. As long as I keep away from watching every animated […]

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