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June 29, 2007

How will this go down in history ?

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So we are a year away from the election, and the big guns are making their mark – Obama, Hillary, McCain, Guilani. The current administration has almost been forgotten in the flurry of campaign debates and early promises.

Yet we still hear some pretty arrogant statements these days. Today’s headlines reads ‘Bush won’t supply subpoenaed documents’.. The other day it was the same statement, though from Vice President Dick Cheney’s office. People seem completely unconcerned with the slumping chart that is Bush’s approval ratings. .. and have pretty much written him off from any political concerns whatsoever. The vetoes on the Iraq withdrawal plan, or the Stem Cell research federal funding have been brushed away with a ‘Did you expect any better?’ wave of the hand.

The fact that Yahoo News used a picture of Mr.Bush fishing to report the headlines ‘Bush defends military buildup’ is not only hilarious, it is very representative of the general mood in America, as well as the media’s portrayal of him. Long gone is any confidence in the President, his Vice president, the Attorney general, the Defense secretary – basically the entire administration has long been a lost cause to the American people, a good portion of them Republicans. The Iraq war hasn’t changed one bit in the last 3 years, and it is surprising how cruelly immune I and I’m guessing most of you as well, have become to the headlines ‘Baghdad bomb kills x people’ ( where 40<=x<=200). The number doesn’t matter. It doesn’t affect us anymore.

At times like this, I wonder about what the future will write of this decade in the History books, year 2000-2010… and of the President’s term in office. What will be the ‘consensus’ about this debacle? I’m sure that at the time of World war II, the decision to bomb Hiroshima/Nagasaki might not have been as inhuman as we view it with our eyes in the 21st century. Nor was the Vietnam war during its time. But now we have these ‘established notions’ (only occasionally debated as being the right thing to do) that the atom bombs were cruel, the Vietnam war was a mistake, and so on.

We are LIVING a moment in history right now, as we speak. How will this decade be described to our children and grandchildren in their History lessons ? Will it be the decade of terrorism? Will the Iraq war be as ‘unfortunate’ an event as the Vietnam war ? Does it depend really on what happens next or is the damage already done ? Will President Bush go down as another Richard Nixon, a pseudo-dictator, or will History go easy on him ?

What do you think ? What chapter of History are we living ?



  1. Well, for all you know, history might even be kinder to bush than the present has been ..who knows…..if a dem president comes in …sorts out iraq …10 years down the line, its going to be hard for republicans not to take credit for having initiated the change…

    Comment by Sharath Rao — July 1, 2007 @ 1:02 am | Reply

  2. I’m not an expert with what exactly is happening out there, but by the looks of it at least, ‘sorting out iraq’ is definitely not going to happen with any continued American presence. I’d say the odds are 4 to 1 that the next government is going to bail out of Iraq to satiate American voters … and this decade will be labeled the ‘Decade of terrorism’. Iraq will continue to be a mess, probably even the headquarters of all terrorist activities … and Bush will try to save face by blaming the Dems, who will win ’08, for withdrawing.

    However, overall, I think Prez Bush is going to go down pretty badly in the History books to come… I guess we have a very long way to wait to see if these predictions come true !

    Comment by Randomizer — July 2, 2007 @ 2:55 am | Reply

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