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November 29, 2007

How the world finds this site

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For those bloggers who are either on wordpress or have installed a tracker program like sitemeter on their blogs, I’m sure you would find the search queries that led people to your site quite amusing. In my case, reading the list was pretty surprising since I seem to have one consistent topic that keeps bringing people to my site.

Apparently, I am the know-it-all for all topics relating to racism :-P …. my post on racism features on page #2 on a Google search for ‘Racism statistics’ and ‘Racial profiling statistics’. These are the last 10 searches that led the world to my site:

racial profiling and terrorism statistic

most recent racism statistics in america

terrorist race statistics

racial profiling chinese stats

national racial profiling statistics

statistics about stereotyping

middle eastern profiling/ not fair [You bet it ain’t :) ]


middle eastern racial airport profiling

racial profiling statistics of 2007

[ The following search item brings a smile to my face though ]

WLI-Reservation Rewards lawsuit

[ Yeah, take that, WebLoyalty, for screwing around with a blogger! I’m now on page #2 on the search results ]


So … tell me ! What search queries have brought people to your site? What is the most consistent topic? Where do you get most of your traffic from? And what is the weirdest query someone has entered to find your site? :)



  1. […] looking for “work permit for their spouses” November 28, 2007 To answer therandomizer’s questions. So … tell me ! What search queries have brought people to your site? What is the most consistent […]

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  2. @Sharath – Karachi beach girls ! LOL ! :-D … I didn’t know pimping was one of your many hobbies as well ;)

    Comment by Randomizer — November 30, 2007 @ 5:04 am | Reply

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