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June 27, 2005

The Daredevil

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Step by step, he walked along,
scared of the gigantic fall,
If the balance , he lost ,
at what a dear cost,
what’d happen is anyone’s call.

The wire was high, the ground way below,
one’d barely see this man,
While all held their breath,
and had goosebumps galore,
he wondered why he even began.

Was it the money, or the thrill of it all,
to put his life at stake,
At every appearance
and every performance,
A lapse, he’d better not make.

The end of the line, how near it was,
a few steps and he would be there,
the thought of safety,
and escape from gravity,
Was all that his mind could bear.

He stopped just now, and thought a while,
what does, this safety mean ?
The end of the wire,
Shall I retire,
from the devil I always have been ?

He thinks to himself, as he looks down below,
he’s been here a hundred times,
always deciding,
always reciting,
“Not coming here again, I am”.

The last step is taken, the man is safe,
the crowd heaves a sigh of relief,
He waves to all,
From the stand so tall,
shaking his head … disbelief !

For today he’s learned, like he always does,
after a thrill like this,
that nothing can stop him,
not even himself,
from planting on Death, a kiss.

He will be back, as sure as day,
to taunt his fate again,
Addicted to thrill,
Against his own will,
A devil he’ll always remain.


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