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January 4, 2008

The Blogroll blues …

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(Nevada, 2005)

When I first started blogging, at about 4:33 pm in March 2005, I never realized I would still be writing into January 2008. Much has changed, of me and my life and my experiences, and I am thankful that so many of those phases have been documented here, and I hope to continue this for as long as it remains a hobby that doesn’t occupy too much of my time. I’m grateful for the readers who stop by to read and share their thoughts on the Realm.

Sharath’s blog, the Epistles, is going on a year-long sabbatical sadly, and that is definitely a big blow on this side of the blogosphere. Blogging is as much a social activity as it is creative expression, and the Epistles will definitely be missed – I hope that the Realm remains active for long enough to announce his come back, whenever that is :) . With another site down, that also means 3 inactive blogs out of the 4 on my blogroll, the fairies seem to be the only ones left dancing ! This blog has been through a similar recycling of links at many times over the last 3 years … I remember starting out with four or five regular bloggers, none of whom are still around. Then, there was the bluebird who took off but landed prematurely, not to forget the caffeine dispenser who was around for all of June 12th to June 19th ! :-D

Sharath’s reasons seem fair enough – he wants to make better use of his time spent blogging. I would agree that if I actually asked myself every time I sat down to write something – is there some thing better I could do than this? – the answer would probably be yes, I could work out or read something informative or practice some music. But I also know that after a long day’s work, my motivation levels for these activities are pretty low. They are at a max during the weekends, but not the week days. So for me, really, it is between wasting time watching shows on TV/the internet on one hand, and blogging on the other :-P. I prefer the latter for obvious reasons.

Thus, as long as the blog remains non-intrusive in my life and I maintain some semblance of a balance between this and other activities, I’d say the blog will go on. Hopefully, I will be around to witness many more start-ups, good-bye-to-blogging-posts, as well as comebacks :).

The Blogroll will need some changes though. Let met introduce Sudhir’s blog – My Pai’s worth, and Meenakshi’s Drain Brain. The links will be on the ‘Blogs I stop by’ list on the right. Links to blogs that are currently inactive will still be around, though in the ‘ex-bloggers’ list. If there are any more bloggers who visit now and then, do let me know who you are so I can link to you as well. Here’s to hopefully a year filled with blog-worthy events ! ;)


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