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June 26, 2007


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I don’t know how many of you love Scrabble as much as I do, but if you do, you will be addicted to this site. Called the ‘Internet Scrabble Club’, you download a very simple Scrabble interface, register a username and off you go !

Forgive me for my blatant showing off – but hey, I’m just an internet handle so ‘me’ doesn’t really count does it ? :) The above is my best game of all time – I scored 507 points, with 3 seven letter words – Hairier, donator, and Averting. I have had only 2 previous games where I scored 3 sevens in one game , the first time ending with 420 points and the second with 488. I was absolutely thrilled to cross the 500 mark for the first time ever. I had the great fortune of playing ‘Averting’ in my last but one turn. Such luck comes by once in a blue moon !

If you do end up downloading and playing, look me up – My username is Malfoy. It takes at least 10-15 games to get to speed with the nonsensical words like Qi, ee, eo, ou, za, jo and so on … but once you do, you’ll stop cribbing about your opponent’s ridiculous words and take your newfound vocabulary to your advantage.

Once you download the interface, register, etc just click on the ‘Seek game’ tab. You’ll see many green dots. All of them represent games with different players, each one seeking different settings. Some play 3 minute games – they are a total adrenalin rush :) . Some play more relaxed 20 min games. The VOID setting is used for automatic validation. So there’s no ‘Challenge’ feature. Your words will automatically be checked before they appear on the board.

I tend to play anywhere between 10pm-12am CST. Hope to see some of you there !


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