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April 17, 2008

Stuff Indian People Like

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For the uninformed readers for whom this title doesn’t ring a bell (and that would probably mean all of you who have a life besides the internet), let me educate you on the latest web phenomenon. A certain site called ‘Stuff White People Like‘ (SWPL) created on Jan 18th, 2008 and updated regularly since then, has achieved instant success with millions of hits per week and tons of publicity both in the online and the real world. The author has even gone on to receive a lucrative book deal from Random House, for a book by the same name.

Simply put, the site is a humorous and satirical view of a stereotypical liberal white person, and lists everything – ranging from caring about the environment, to coffee – that these ‘white people’ like. To get you started, here are some of the funnier posts I’ve read:

Stuff White People Like

There are many other funny posts, but I liked the Indie music and Apologies posts a lot :) …

Stuff Desi (Indian) People Like

Obviously, the next question for all of us desis is, is there a desi knock-off of the ‘SWPL’ site yet? Apparently, the #1 thing desis like to do is to make desi knock-offs of the original site, because I have come across at least 8 knock-offs already ! The following four are merely sites worth mentioning, and I’ve left out many other sites that have simply acquired a similar domain name and done nothing since then – ( Now there’s your typical desi, out to make a quick buck by holding on to a hot domain name! )

Anyway, in decreasing order of posts/readers( and hence, popularity) , we have

Once again, to get you started, here are some of the posts I liked, mainly from the top two sites above:

While I am not sure which of these sites will eventually win as the ‘established Indian version of SWPL’, its certainly good that many people are attempting it and eventually, the one with the best quality will win, not just the best domain name. I’m sure the eventual winner will be quite a fun site to read every once in a while.

Good luck to them, and may the best knock-off win !


March 2, 2008

Desi YouTube videos I like

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If you’ve noticed a slump in the frequency of blog posts, well, it’s because of my latest internet adventure, my YouTube channel (link in my FB/orkut, not on this website). Though I have plans for a short movie some time this year, all I’ve uploaded so far are some music videos of covers I’ve been practicing. So far, it’s been fun, and hey, it gives me a reason to pick up my guitar every once in a while and prevents the cobwebs from conquering a new neighborhood!

Spending a lot of time on YT these days, I’ve noticed that there isn’t much desi content out there. It seems to be pretty much American-dominated as of now, and I’m really curious to see what it will look like once video uploads become more mainstream in India. I’d give this about 2 years. Digi-cams and high internet speeds are increasingly becoming a part of the middle class, and soon enough, I’m sure we’ll be seeing some good original desi content on our screens ! As of now, most of the desi videos seem to be from desi diaspora or mainstream TV. Here’s a countdown of my favourite desi YT picks:

(8) Tamil rap song ‘Kuttali’ – By Malaysian-desi rap group ( I swear one of them looks like Snoop Dog! )

(7) It’s the Singhsons ! – Punjabi version of the Simpsons intro, pretty ok.

(6) Gay Indian stand-up comedy act – How often do you hear of a gay, indian comedian? His video is hilarious :)

(5) Indian Cricket – Great fielding moments – Set to a pretty sweet punjabi song

(4) Reverse Outsourcing – LOL. Hard to find a comedian funnier or at least as funny as Russel Peters!

(3) Sheena Melwani (Cover of Alicia Keys’ No One) – Sheena’s getting pretty popular on YouTube, and she should get signed pretty soon, if not already. Good luck to her. Her name sounds desi and she looks desi as well, but I don’t know any more details other than her being an awesome singer.

(2) Penn Masala’s Facebook Skit – My #2 desi video pick…. Not only hilarious but great sounding as well. Excellent work, this was featured on YouTube. Great video, great voices. Superb job by the folks at U Penn.

(1) Indian Rap in 5 languages – Very catchy tune from an SF-based desi rap group. Best desi rap I’ve heard so far.

Hope you liked the list! If you have some other favs, please post the link in the comments section! Happy surfing :)

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