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May 13, 2007

Scientology : Belief at it’s worst

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When I’d first heard of the term ‘Scientology’ about ten years ago, perhaps in the context of actor Tom Cruise, I thought the term sounded interesting. Basing my initial impression on the word ‘Scientology’, I assumed the obvious – This is a religion of Science, or in other words, an Atheist’s religion, however paradoxical that sounds.

Like we were discussing in my previous post, a major drawback for Atheism as a way of life is that it is hardly a ‘way of life’ in a social sense. There’s no ‘culture’ of Atheism. Well, so here was Scientology, or so I thought, which was going to ‘organize’ Atheism into an established way of life. But how wrong I was !

Scientology is as close to Naturalism as War is to Peace, complete with all the Paranormal phenomena you can find from other religions – souls, spirits, multiple lives, inhabitation by thousands of alien spirits – you name it. Best of all – it is not even a recognized religion, and is often described as a Cult or a Scam. The reason ? You pay as you go. People have spent as much as 250,000$ attending ‘courses’ that teach you higher ‘truths’, one of them being the ‘truth’ about Xenu, a warrior who lived 75 million years ago.

The beliefs of this organization have been a closely guarded secret. They have been fierce in attacking their critics, going to any lengths – from burglary, defamation, framing, picketing and harassing – to render them powerless. Operation Snow White was a project carried out by members of this church to clean up documents about them, that ‘included a series of infiltrations of and thefts from government agencies, carried out by Church members, including the single largest infiltration of the United States government in history’

Watch this video. The camera man wants to attend a ‘Scientology party’ at a public street, but security doesn’t let him. What follows is just … freaky … and by the end of it you are just left seething with rage. How much of this would you be able to handle ? Forward the first 1 or 2 minutes ..

Please watch before going ahead..

* How brain-washed must you be to come to a stranger and say over and over again, ‘What are you afraid of? What are your crimes?’
* Why are they so confident that a non-Scientologist is a Wife-beater/Child molester?
* It looks they’re hypnotized, could it be so ?

Watch another brain-washed victim below. Rather than anger, the following will make you simply feel enormous pity for this woman. She’s a Scientologist who tries to disrupt an anti-Scientology rally:

Read this report in the BBC about a BBC correspondent John Sweeney who investigated Scientology in the BBC’s Panorama episode. A video of him losing his cool is doing the rounds on YouTube, posted by the Church of Scientology for purposes of defamation. The entire BBC Panorama episode is out, released last night. Do watch it !


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